With a wide range of luxurious bars and a team of over thirty professionals we can cater for any event.

Events / locations

Bar Company’s bars are suitable for nearly any event or location. Since we are a full service organization and our bars are entirely independent all we need is power supply and the rest will be arranged by us.

For small events such as bachelor parties, birthdays and fairs we have our compact bars. Larger events such as business celebrations and public events we provide large bars which can be connected to each other. This makes Bar Company the right catering partner for events of any size.

With more than thousand satisfied clients Bar Company is the right catering partner for:

Business celebrations and events, public events, private parties, fairs, conferences and product launches.


Bar Company’s range of bars consists of luxurious cocktail, smoothie, juice, espresso and oxygen bars. With these five options there is always one suitable for your desires. No matter which bar you choose, we guarantee a real eye-catcher accompanied with well trained staff and high quality products. Of course we offer the possibility to combine multiple bars at your event. You could think of having an espresso bar in the morning which can be transformed into a smoothie bar in the afternoon.


Bar Company is a no label company which means that we do not wear or display our company name or logos when you rent our bars. The menu cards we use can be provided with your company name and logo which is free of charge. In addition, we can put a drink on the menu which will be named after your company. In this way the bar you rent from Bar Company becomes a rather personal bar!