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Hire a mobile cocktail bar for your event

Make sure the night of your guests will be unforgettable and hire a mobile cocktail bar! Your guests will enjoy delicious cocktails, they won’t easily encounter at any other event.

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How does hiring a cocktail bar work?

First of all, we need to know what kind of event you’re hosting. Then, our sales boys make sure you get the bar that fits the best for your event, including all the attachments that comes with the bar. When the day is finally there, we arrive with our mobile cocktail bar! We only need a place that is big enough for the bar to stand with electrical power near and we are all set for the event to begin. We organize everything from A to Z so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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What’s also important, is that the bar fits the aesthetic of the event you’re hosting. We have a wide product range of 40 different cocktail bars all in different styles. Neutral, chic, robust, industrial or vintage. Everything is possible.

Hire a cocktail bar with our handsome bartenders!

Along with every bar belongs a professional bartender. We do not only love to drink cocktails, we also really enjoy shaking them for you! Our employees play a huge part in hiring a mobile cocktail bar. Every employee works for us with great joy and they are always very excited to be at your event. The bartenders are trained at the BOLS Bartending Academy. They can shake cocktails amazingly well, but it doesn’t stop there. Your party can’t be a boring event, so our employees are trained entertainers and they will make sure your guests are entertained for the whole evening.

A bartender without a bar?

Do you already have a bar at your event but you only need a bartender? Yes, We can arrange that too! You make sure there is a bar at your event and we take care of all the products needed and an amazing bartender.

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So are you interested in hiring a cocktail bar? We got you. Please fill out the form and we’ll get in touch shortly! Or take a look at some photos of our mobile cocktail bars.

More information?

We are ready to answer all your questions. If you would like to receive a no-obligation quote within 24 hours, request one here:

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