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Hire a mobile coffee bar for your event

Okay, coffee. We all know what coffee is and you can probably get it in every building ever. So why would you hire a mobile coffee bar?

When you hire a coffee bar it immediately changes the room, everyone can notice there is a barista present! This isn’t comparable with your standard coffee machine in the hallway. A real barista makes special, delicious coffee and your event is suddenly turned into a real experience for your guests. It doesn’t stop there, we do not only arrive with a bar, but we will also make sure the location is dressed up very nicely so it stands out and looks special.

Blauwe Benelli - Bar Company

How does hiring a coffee bar work?

Is your event in a modern building? No problem. Is your event in some old warehouse? Also no problem. Are you organizing a houseparty? Sure! No problem. We have the biggest product range of the Netherlands in coffee bars (25!), so we can make sure there will be a bar at your event that just fits perfectly with the location. Furthermore, we will organize everything from A to Z so you don’t have to worry about anything else. The only thing we need is a place that is big enough for the bar and some electrical power near. The coffee bars are equipped with a beautiful coffee machine but we can also personalize the bar for you. We can print the logo of your company on the front of the bar and we can make sure we bring coffee cups that are completely decorated in the style of your brand. The most important thing? We will treat your event like it is ours and we want that the whole evening will go by smoothly. We feel a large responsibility for the succes of the coffee bar. Just like spiderman says: With great power, comes great responsibility.

Koffiefiets huren voor evenementen op locatie - Bar Company

Do you already have a coffee machine at your event?

A barista without a coffee machine. That is not something people will encounter very often. But do you already have a coffee machine at your place and you just need a barista to make some very good coffee? We can arrange that for you too! Our barista’s would also love to make coffee at a machine you already have at your event. With or without coffee bar, our barista’s will either way make sure the guests are getting a real experience. The barista’s are packed with a lot of coffee knowledge and can tell your guests about coffee facts as the best. From a coffee bean to technical aspects of the machine, you name it. Your guests will get a warm welcome, including a heart in de foam of the coffee. With Bar Company, in good company.

Koffie catering met barista op locatie - Bar Company

By hiring a mobile coffee bar, your guests are going to experience coffee like never before.  Take a look at some photo’s of our mobiel coffee bars.

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